Vertical chicken cooker stoneware roaster heart healthy low fat cooking. The CeramiCooker by Early morning pottery.

Vertical Ceramic chicken cooker, stoneware roaster, heart healthy low fat cooking.

The CeramiCooker by Early morning pottery.

US Patent No. 5,575,198 & DES 397,581


Highly touted by Physicians and others as Heart Healthy. Was used in our local hospital diabetic classes. Removes approximately 1/2 cup of fat per chicken. Use in Conventional ovens, covered Barbecue and smokers.

Owners and inventors  Jerry & Jerry Lowery 

   $10.95 on all cookers!! $6.95 Shipping,    In the Lower 48 States.

As Seen on TV, Good Morning America, QVC, AM Northwest and Infomercials. One television celebrity said on air after doing a demonstration and seeing the large amount of fat removed. "Jerry the Heart Association needs to see this chicken cooker."  


 photo of blue vertical ceramic chicken cooker and box  three sizes and two colors of vertical stoneware roasters sizes are chicken, turkey and cornish game hen sizes                  

Inquiries welcome:

Dealers, distributors, gourmet,kitchenware,barbecue grills & smoker shops.   Product sheets and price list upon request.

     Much appreciated comment from Paula Wolfert, award winning cookbook author.

               "My quest for the best-ever oven-roasted chicken stops here!!
I've been totally blown away by the CeramiCooker Vertical Roaster. Far superior to metal versions, the Cerami-Cooker is made out of stoneware. As a result it gently and evenly cooks the chicken from the inside out exposing total skin area for  crisp browning while producing luscious, creamy white meat and fat free juicy thighs."

----Paula Wolfert .  








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